Moving in the right direction

We don't want to just transport our products from point A to point B. We want to cover that distance in the most efficient and socially responsible way possible.  

As one of the world’s largest consumer products companies, we ship a significant amount of product. To help ensure we are driving efficiency, our 2020 goal is to reduce truck transportation kilometers by 20% per unit of production versus our 2010 baseline. Our global teams have made great progress and have reduced over-the-road truck transportation by 25% since 2010 by improving vehicle fill rate, optimizing distribution routes and driving increased use of multi-modal transportation. 

As P&G completes work on a significant supply chain transformations in North America, and innovative efficiency projects in other regions we will look for additional opportunities to improve our transportation footprint. 

In Europe, we're tapping R&D technology to combine our outgoing finished-product shipments with our suppliers' incoming raw material shipments, saving time, money and CO2 emissions. Typically, such shipments are headed in opposite directions; yet often they overlap. Finding those cross points has understandably been difficult. But, our Europe teams took on the challenge. By applying P&G modeling and simulation technology, we have found a more consistent way to match shipments, and last year, reduced empty truck miles in the region by approximately 5%, reducing CO2 and congestion in our communities while also delivering tangible transportation savings. We're now looking to expand the work.