What are Parabens?

Preservatives help keep us safe by preventing growth of bacteria or mold during the typical use of a product, so it does not spoil like a gallon of milk or a block of cheese. Parabens are one of the most common preservatives used in foods, beauty products and drugs, and are permitted for use by governmental agencies across the world.

Being safe

Fruits and vegetables

Parabens are made from PHBA (para-hydrobenzoic acid), an ingredient also found naturally in numerous fruits and vegetables that are part of our everyday diet.

Your body changes parabens to PHBA.

Your body quickly changes parabens to the natural PHBA and eliminates them.

Below safe dietary intake for parabens: Beauty products, Foods, Drugs

Like many food ingredients, parabens have a safe dietary intake amount established by government agencies. Monitoring studies have shown that use of parabens across all current product types—beauty products, foods and drugs—result in amounts well below the safe dietary intake.

Feeling safe

Parabens have been proven safe over decades of research, but we understand that some of you may have questions. We continue to research new preservative options for our products, but for now we have found parabens to be the best choice for the products where we continue to use them. For additional information:

  • For products containing parabens, we only use amounts within the safe ranges established by scientific and regulatory agencies.
  • We provide some paraben-free beauty products for those who prefer them. If any of our beauty products contain parabens, their presence will be disclosed on the label.
  • Our baby diapers and wipes do not use parabens, as they are not needed for these product types.