Isothiazolinones (methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone and benzoisothiazolinone) are very effective preservatives and help keep consumer products safe by protecting them from spoiling. They are some of the most thoroughly tested preservatives worldwide, and have safe ranges established by regulatory agencies, such as the European Union.  

Being Safe

We strictly adhere to the safe ranges for all isothiazolinones established by regulatory authorities around the world.  

Feeling Safe

We only use isothiazolinones in hair care, personal care cleansing, and household products with clearly established safe levels. We made this decision a number of years ago because isothiazolinones can cause skin allergy in some people with unique sensitivities when they are used at higher amounts in other types of products. For those who may be sensitive, our personal care products that contain isothiazolinones will be disclosed on the product label.